Carefully checked

Inspection and maintenance

Because we care for what is important to us

We have created the kaiserkraft customer service because we ourselves attach great importance to the high quality and durability of our products. The inspection and maintenance of your products is our daily business.


During an inspection, our experts check your products down to the very last detail. If there are damages or weaknesses, we identify them.

And we can do this on request even for the inventory that you did not buy from us.

You can reach our customer service under the free service hotline 0800 85 85 00.

Your advantages:

  • Operational safety and avoidance of expensive repairs
  • Fewer downtimes
  • Durability of your products and at the same time a contribution to sustainability
  • Peace of mind through timely compliance with all legal requirements
  • More cost transparency and better planning of the services offered by kaiserkraft and thus more investment security


When we maintain your plants and machines, our goal is to maintain or restore their target condition. If there is wear and tear, we must prevent or at least delay further wear and tear. Everything we do to achieve this, we record in a maintenance plan – regularly performed and documented maintenance maintains the guarantee claim and increases the resale value.

Normally, the interval between two maintenance visits is one year.

  • Cleaning and maintenance work
  • Checking the settings
  • Recording the measured values
  • Testing, adjusting, replacing, installing, resetting, conserving, cross-checking components
  • Checking the filling levels
  • Test runs after each maintenance

Maintenance and testing can be purchased

We check everything for you. And the best thing is that you can now simply order this service online.

The price is calculated individually according to effort and travel.

They call us makers

You can also find more information about our customer service on our customer service page.

Free service hotline: